Union Jack

Don’t call it a comeback it might be years before there is another. The way I see it why not open up with some non-hot garbage. There really has not been much to fire me up lately that I wanted to write about, but this years Ryder cup has got me juiced. Shit talking, Jersey style fist pumping, spectator heckling, high fives, low fives, audacity, good ole down home gettin after it.

Medinah, you’ll be gettin after it.

This year it is back on American soil in Shy-town, with the Americans having maybe, the best putting team on record…according to Paul Azinger, and that matters.

Paul gets after it.

Don’t sleep on Europe though they’re bringing the heat..Donald, Garcia, Mcdowell, Lawrie, Rose….some guy named McIlroy.

Looking like this you know the dude can play.

Those dudes can putt too. Good thing The Uncle Sam’s ain’t no slouch off the tee either; i.e. Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson, Keegan Bradley…but then Europe’s got that dude McIIroy. A good silver lining to that grey Irish marine-layer hanging over the Americans radiantly green home turf is those other guys…Mickelson, Furyk, Kuchar, and some wrenchers that have been on the winning side of winning lately Simpson and Snedeker.

   The Summer Olympics I get into (for some reason the Winter ones are so much more Rad, right?) Please don’t read that last part wrong, I have my reasons, and never miss a chance to cheer it up for the Red, White, and Blue but it doesn’t do it for me like certain things. The World Cup, NASCAR, Super Bowl, 4th of July, America damn it….The Ryder Cup.


   This years Ryder Cup is going to rip and its worthy or WRIP whether this representation is or not. Things are looking up for the US already and balance has been restored. Ed Hochuli is back on the football field, Kelly Slater just won Trestles…again, flat brim hats are acceptable on the links…even with a Puma logo, and not to mention the new iPhone 5 is out. Most of all this has me fired up, enough to write soemthing, and that feels real good. Oh yea and maybe Stricker can lay down some Kimosabe knowledge on Woods and chase out a Tiger.

Thanks for the 60secs.



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