WRIP, Himself. Under Construction.

Phone will not take photos, computer shit the bed months ago, and still waiting on Zack Baked ZD Dobbelaar to fix it. Like I’m waiting on old age. Oh yea, and the fucking GoPro died. When it rains it pours, so to speak. Piss on old sayings and F Murphy’s Law, they’re both over-rated. 

End of rant.

I have a bullshit laundry list of excuses, but truth of the matter is I’m extra lazy when I’m busy and prohibitively motivated when I’m not. The harder I work the more I don’t want to do a thing that seems to veer from fun. In fact to reverberate the words of Hendog, “if I catch one wiff of suckyness I’m out of here..” Yea I know, more excuses, suck it up, and your right. I’ll be back on this bullshit blog like white on rice, or brown on rice if your oriental, it’s all good, nothing but love here, WRIP style. 

Thank you to everyone who reads this hot garbage, and especially you that call me out for not writing more. You really do check this shit and thats mind boggling to me. Ali Como you get a shout out here, and Jimmicane Wilson, who is pretty much a mentor and the originator of “Thats Bullshit“, which I need to stop bullshitting myself and get on some more writing. I have some bullshit to wordsmith my way through a’la Jimbones-esque, believe that.

Anyway long story short cause you and myself do not care, I am down, on technology. When I get back up to the times you will get a plethora of lovely hot air served up on silver keyboard and mousepad for your time murking pleasure. Until then, please don’t cry for me Argentina.



One Response to “WRIP, Himself. Under Construction.”

  1. The first step is acceptance.

    great job!

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