Strange Desire


I would love a Fluffernutter sandwich right now. You know that delectable delicacy your Mom or Dad slopped together one time, then handed you the reigns knowing they had just taught the proverbial fisherman how to fish. It’s a win-win situation. No actual studies or facts have been collected here, but I know for certain to my Mom that was about 1/3 less meals she had to make. Moms gotta love that shit, and yea, I got no thank you either for relieving that percentage of the burden. Pfft. Anyway back to said treasures of childhood. If one person other than me reads this sticky garbage and goes and gets some Fluff, I win, and so does the economy. If I said Dane Reynolds eats them daily would you all rush out and get some tonight, cause he does. 

p.s. Hopefully you don’t see this but I don’t know if Dane likes Fluffernutter sandwiches. Never even met the guy, but he probably does.


2 Responses to “Strange Desire”

  1. Joe (heffe) Says:

    Dude, remember eating those like everyday when we would get home from 44th? AHHHHHHHH…….Fluff

  2. I do. Oh I do. We used to live for those things.

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