“As good as it gets, back in the day.”

Let me start off this next verbal escapade with another disclaimer: If your expecting something ground breaking or hilarious, your probably in the wrong corner of this amazing literary black-market. If your still reading you may actually be into the hot garbage I post on here and would like to say thank you and let you know your about to meet one amazing dude, for lack of better terms.

This is Richard Martin or “Richardmar” as we so endearingly know him, and his equally as impressive creator of the title slogan, better half, Fawzia. Meet and greet.

I hope to have a few moments with Richardmar before he poof’s off to Mexico and ex-Pat’s his days away fishing for better fish than we do, surfing better waves than we do, and all while having direct access to you guessed it…… better tacos than we do. What did you think was going to go there? So how does someone who resides in this comfortable lap of luxury let the good people traveling along A1A in historic sunny Matanzas know that he has an archeological digs worth of priceless nic-nacs waiting to be unearthed. The most boisterous uninformative way possible: plywood, spray paint, shitty old truck, and a less than descriptive sign that could only mean there is an unimaginable assemblage behind door #1.

It really only takes a few minutes of being at the Mar compound, with 20 years of delectable “Man vs. Life” mementos and keep sakes strewn about to realize the breadth of stories this living legend could wordsmith together. I mean the guy has done it all, charter boat captain, slang fine art, the occasional import/export commodity trading, a modern day James Jimmy Buffet Bond… 00-someparticularharbour-7. I was not there 2 minutes before I found my first beaut. It seemed everything you can find at the “yard” is, as Fawzia so used car saleswomen style put it, was “as good as it gets, back in the day. Right Richard.”

He are some of those legendary artifacts that to my knowledge are still as good as it gets, in this day. Especially for the heavy sales tag of “one dolla.”

Guaranteed your sitting there right now going, sweet just wasted 2 minutes reading this BS to look at some photos of junk that costs a buck, but that junk just found a new home and got two more minutes of fame from each of you so my job here is mostly done. I hope seeing some of these diamonds in the rough has sparked some interest in Richardmar, your really doing your stint here an injustice not having experienced a brief time period with this Tom Curren of life. Thanks again if your still reading this fresh hot garbage and I’ll leave you with this 22 seconds you can take with you.


One Response to ““As good as it gets, back in the day.””

  1. another meandering thru eyes of Rip……..

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