BUSCH Beer, The Real Catalyst?

There is no lack of knowledge that I am a BUSCH beer aficionado, huge fan, and after the recent change to my quiet Tuesday night at The Dunes Cracker House I feel I need to touch on a few things about this aforementioned BUSCH beer. In chemistry a catalyst is “a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself suffering any permanent chemical change” sort of like BUSCH when you add it to a social gathering or the palm of your hand…..

In this case BUSCH holds true to its catalyst nature, but what happens when you add another element to the simple party equation, like tape or stickers…

Your seemingly mundane and over-rated bro down can turn into a beer guzzling, puke spewing, staff wielding, hell of a good time. Which can only make you wonder if the magical powers are in fact lone and true to the golden goodness that is BUSCH beer, or is the tape to credit for this debauchery that has become associated with the recent wizard staff craze?

While this may be one of the great questions of life, I do know one fact for certain. As long as there continues to be bruthrs like this in the world….

…going around offering free mustache rides while brandishing BUSCH cans whether they be “Light” or not , that there will always be people around to make priceless commercial spots like this.

Not to mention print ads that would make Pepaw slap Memaw, or vice-versa depending on who’s stirrin who out of the chutes.  So I guess BUSCH is not a catalyst, its simply a recipe for a good time, chemical reaction or not. Having said that, how many favorable reactions would you have missed out on without the helping, loving, refreshingly smooth hand of BUSCH or its “Light” compadre? So next time your local watering hole decides to make it’s slowest night a hit, suggest country music and $1 BUSCH cans. You may be on the fast track to a surprisingly abundant gathering of cut off jean skirt rockin, yew-haw yappin, G.R.I.T. goodness. Or shirtless on the side of a HWY at 3am, lost just outside your own neighborhood. Just ask the ole dickhead Crash.


3 Responses to “BUSCH Beer, The Real Catalyst?”

  1. Haha Luv it! Pure Can-damonium!

  2. This is awesome but I am gonna have to stick to my stones…keystone that is

  3. A single tear rolled down my face for i can not enjoy the only beer in the world with a taste as smooth as its name.

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